Crooked Lake Waterfront Homes For Sale

Crooked Lake Waterfront Homes

Crooked Lake is a top destination for lake homes and lots in Michigan. It’s one of the quietest, most tranquil, and refreshing places to live. Imagine calling a property in front of the pristine lake waters your home, waking up every morning to the sound of birds chirping and trees swaying.

Browse available listings and find the house or lot that is suited for you. 

Real Estate in Crooked Lake

There is an abundance of lakes in Northern Michigan, some of the most popular being Torch Lake, Lake Michigan, and Lake Charlevoix. As more and more people begin seeing these places, more and more are thinking about living there. These popular lakes in Northern Michigan are getting rather crowded. 

But Northern Michigan does not run short of hidden gems, one of them being Crooked Lake. This lake finds its home north of Petoskey and east of Harbor Springs. It’s 2,300 acres of pure nature and lakefront properties, surrounded by pristine rivers and water bodies. 

Life here is simple and tranquil, but it’s definitely a place that many people want to call home. Houses and lots in Crooked Lake can cost anywhere between $100,000 to $900,000. Browse our listings and find the perfect place in Crooked Lake to live. 

Things to Do in Crooked Lake

The simplicity of life in Crooked Lake should not be underestimated. Within the serene and peaceful surroundings are also a lot of activities to take part in. The nearby cities and towns are also very much accessible, so it’s easy to go around and about looking for things to do. 

Within Crooked Lake, there are local shrines, museums, camps, and several waterfront parks to visit, all with exciting or relaxing activities to indulge in. 

Residents can also wander off to the nearby towns of Oden and Conway. For those looking for a city vibe, Petoskey is the ideal area to go to. This small city has a plethora of shops, pubs, and stores for everyday leisure and amenities. 

Crooked Lake Points of Interest

Other than, of course, the Crooked Lake itself, there are plenty of other places to see, explore and visit around the area. Some points of interest include: 

Oden Island Nature Preserve 

Oden is one of the surrounding towns near Crooked Lake. It's home to the largest old-growing trees and wetlands. The nature preserve showcases the most beautiful natural lands in Oden that are being maintained and taken care of by the community. 

Petoskey State Park

Also accessible from Crooked Lake is the Petoskey State Park, where one will find a beautiful beach with white sand and clear waters. The park has over 100 camping sites for activities and adventure. 

Crooked Vine Vineyard and Winery

One of the hidden gems of Crooked Lake is the Crooked Vine Vineyard and Winery. It’s a family-owned boutique where residents and tourists can drink quality wine while indulging in the beautiful panoramic view of the Petoskey Hills. 


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