Sitting on a bench in East Park, between Petoskey and Bay Harbor, one takes advantage of a very special view: Bay Harbor to the West, Petoskey to the East, and directly across the bay to the North, rests Harbor Springs.

The vista is spectacular and unobstructed aside from one’s possible disbelieving eyes. There’s never a moment when a visitor to this park isn’t snapping a picture, biking through on the Charlevoix to Mackinaw Wheelway, or simply resting and relaxing as the soft Lake Michigan westerlies caress the grasses rimming the bluff.

Today, a sailboat tacks over the teal blue bay in search of nothing other than the serenity of the momentary breeze, while white puffs of clouds carouse with each other until disappearing over the horizon.


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On the leeward side of Walloon Lake’s North Arm along Kilarney Shores Road, one can gaze across toward the treed hillsides and Jones Landing. Aside from an occasional easterly storm, these shores are usually quiet.

Pontoon boats and assorted runabouts float at the ready for an evening cruise or weekend ride, and one of those enchanting boat rides is around the point, south, where you’ll find access to Walloon Village and all the amenities it offers. You’ll also be able to navigate greater sections of the lake, west and further north.  For those who prefer an auto tour, your only a few miles from Petoskey and Walloon Village if you cut over from Resort Pike Road on Williams Road to US-131.

An added bonus to the homes along Kilarney Shores Road is the…

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